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That abstract street artist is at it again.

This is also at the Fordham Rd. D train station. Whoever did this is filled with love. It’s shared in a simple way with us straphangers. It’s as if to say: Don’t be so aggressive. Stay to the side, as the doors open should be the objective. Don’t be sour, be sweet. Give an elderly person a seat. :p

Abstract graffiti at the Fordham Rd. D train station. This would not be out of place, as part of the artwork in Cibo Matto’s Viva! La Woman. At least that’s what I think, anyway.

D*Face did this piece in Brooklyn.


how long is now?
mural by Yz, at Berlin’s Techeles urban art gallery. Read more here.

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hahahaha. Guilty.

hahahaha. Guilty.

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