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I’m American by birth, and love identifying as such; but the red, white, and black is in my blood, too. Happy Labor Day to all, especially to Trinis, those of Trini-descent, and Caribbean people in general. ;) #LaborDay #WestIndianDay #Carnival #Caribbean #WestIndies #TrinidadandTobago #Brooklyn #BK #NYC #Represent

Somebody keeps the spirit alive @ the 25th Street Station, in Brooklyn.

Check out my homies from Millsted, with their new track “Benghazi”. It’s like slow-burning-ether, if you’re up for some hardcore rock n’ roll noise.

That abstract street artist is at it again.

A bar where you can purchase vinyl. #hipsterheaven

El Tina is one of those best-kept NYC secrets. Quietly tucked away on W. 207th Street, just off the corner of 10th Avenue, in Upper Manhattan. Inwood, to be exact. Right by the stairways entrance/exit on the Downtown-side of the 1 Train. This is specifically Basa filet fish w/ mashed potatoes and onions. ;)

How many humans must I sacrifice, in order to get a consistent amount of warm days again?

Mic Geronimo “Masta I.C.”

My city is starting to get cold. When that happens I tend to start pulling out ‘90’s hip-hop. Particularly the NYC-based music that relied heavily on jazz/jazzy samples. The essence (and feeling) of bundling up, while it’s cold. Blunts. 40 ounces. Sometimes belligerent shit, but mostly blunts-n-brews.