Paul Simonon’s bass guitar

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I visited Amsterdam recently and took a little TFIOS tour! I started at the library where John wrote some of the book and then went on a hunt to find the places in the book and got to meet another Nerdfighter in the process! 

When I go to Amsterdam, I’ll be doing this.

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Arsenio Hall: Death Explain Their Journey From Funk To Punk

African-American musical pioneers Death explain how they went from funk to punk, and the slings and arrows they faced along the way.

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Aww. Memories…


Aww. Memories…

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Dum Dum Girls - Rimbaud Eyes

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No Joy - Hare Lies Tarot

This puts me in shoegaze bliss.


Little Dragon stopped by The Queen Latifah show today and blew the roof off of daytime television with their live take on new single “Paris.” (via Watch: Little Dragon Play “Paris” on “Queen Latifah” | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)

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